Smart Energy Solutions

The need to act now has never been greater in order to save ourselves from the sinkhole of the energy market and do our part for the planet. Often though, the biggest obstacle businesses face when tackling all this is: where to begin?

Fortunately, VV can now offer resources and support to those businesses that are looking to be more efficient with their energy consumption, and reduce their emissions.

 Carbon Accounting

VV can provide the chance to fully assess your carbon footprint. Giving a  clear start to your emission reduction goals and offering a roadmap for  future progress.




On site energy generation

By introducing solar, wind or other micro generating solutions, VV can help you lower your emissions, reduce your energy costs and give you lasting resilience to the fluctuating energy market.



 Efficient Heating Solutions

By analysing your building’s needs, VV can offer various heating solutions, including air and ground source heat pumps, biomass heaters or combined heat and power, in order to keep the temperature up and your costs down.



Efficiency guidancebulb image

VV can give guidance on how to improve your energy efficiency. Surveying your business and tailoring our insights to your requirements. We also have an ongoing blog called ‘Luke’s Looking Out For You’, within which you can find key advice and tips about energy and it’ relationship with business.