Improving Availability & Production/Maintenance Systems

VV excels in the provision of Asset & Data Management solutions but also in the implementation of the bespoke maintenance strategies which help clients significantly reduce system downtime and overhead costs.

The repeated usage, maintenance and repair of existing equipment systems can lead to the significant inconsistency in information and data availability.  This inefficiency can be the root of consistent waste.  Symptom Diagnostics will provide you with information integrity, standardisation and accessibility across all of your equipment systems providing the right information to you in the right place at the right time.  The Symptom Diagnostics approach provides significant cost-effective benefits through the implementation of standardised, coded information which can be correlated to provide knowledge-based data that can be used dynamically in maintenance environments.  The results are reduced improved fault diagnosis, reduced fault arising rates and reduced through-life support costs.

In any economic climate, poor resource efficiency is intolerable and impacts directly on business viability and competitive edge.  Functional Criticality Analysis (FCA) is a powerful methodology for tackling such problems enabling decisions to be founded upon knowledge and evidence, not assumptions.  Effective use of FCA has been proven to lead to increased productivity, capacity and reduced operating costs.  The FCA system is Viable Ventures’ bespoke tool for the efficient collection, analysis and manipulation of data to enable businesses to make evidence-based, risk-managed decisions to maximise the utilisation of resources and man-power and, by default, minimise maintenance and support costs.