Viable Ventures is currently sponsoring a group called D-n-K to write and produce their first studio album, No Excuses.  We are proud to release one of the band's greatest tracks, to mark the 90th anniversary of the end of World War 1.  The song is a powerful and moving tribute to the fallen and to those brave men and women still fighting in conflicts overseas.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video and show your support to the charity, Help for Heroes. Viable Ventures is proud to contribute to this worthy cause and has secured from D-n-K's publisher, NorthStar, a pledge that all proceeds from downloads and record sales of "Heroes Grass is Green" will go directly to the Help For Heroes charity. 

Thank you in advance for all your support.

The Viable Ventures Team is currently engaged in the provision of Asset & Data Management and Symptom Diagnostics review at numerous key distilleries owned and operated by Diageo, the World’s leading premium drinks business.The process underway is to assist Diageo in creating a knowledge-based, not an assumption-based, data maintenance system to ‘baseline’ their assets, functions and risks, leading to: 

  • Significant improvements in core processes.
  • Reduction of process waste and time delays.
  • Significant reduction of downtime and overhead costs.
  • Expansion of each individual distillery’s production and capability capacity.

 VV facilitators use the VV-created and project-specific FCA (Functional Critical Analysis) data management system to store and categorise all assets within the distilleries before transferring the data onto Diageo’s own data management system, SAP.

This essential project has been in operation since April 2007 and is set to run until June 2009.

The Viable Ventures Team has undertaken a package of Business Improvement work with Raytheon Systems Limited which will run to September 2008.