In association with SMAS, VV has been working with SCA Foam Products (part of SCA Global Packaging); a premier supplier of custom designed packaging products and specialist components.  With 4 locations within UK and 1 in Ireland, the facility at Livingston is a major supplier of bespoke product to Mitsubishi.
Current supplies of injected product suffer from a high incidence of quality failures a need was identified to provide the ability to produce its own foam injected parts. Lean techniques are already employed at SCA Foam, after a short recap on Lean principles a Business Case, Event Musts and Event boundaries were set, the senior management team facilitated by VV Ltd then created an in depth current process map. Lean process wastes were identified and a current state spaghetti diagram captured. An ideal future state was created for the new process and measured against lean principles and the business case requirements. An action plan was created and tested against the ‘7 Hows’ to ensure all possible future issues were addressed. The focus and support VV Ltd provided during the contract has resulted in constructing a new process that, with an investment of £90K, will provide an estimated month on month saving of £15K and a reduction in current stock levels of 50%. A less tangible benefit that the Company has stated is that the project re-energised the Lean activity within the Group as a whole.
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