Following the successful conclusion of our first contract with Raytheon Systems Limited, Viable Ventures is engaged in an RSL follow-up contract to provide interim management services for the ASTOR programme.

Viable Ventures facilitators are working ever more closely with RSL personnel, proving themselves more and more invaluable to RSL’s challenging, intricate needs.

ASTOR is an advanced reconnaissance capability comprising hi-tech core systems that are integrated into aircraft and mobile ground stations. Raytheon Systems Limited have delivered an exceptionally cost-effective product by extensive use of commercially available equipment and Viable Ventures is adding value in the early stages of the programme’s service life by reviewing:

Supply of management support for the ASTOR project.  

The initial 3-month contract will be from October to December 2008.

Plans are in progress to expand the project to two Viable Ventures facilitators effective January 2009.

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