Working with this prestigious defence contractor on the leading-edge ASTOR project, Viable Ventures is bringing a cost-effective third party perspective that has already facilitated very significant spend reductions. ASTOR is an advanced reconnaissance capability comprising hi-tech core systems that are integrated into aircraft and mobile ground stations. Raytheon Systems Limited have delivered an exceptionally cost-effective product by extensive use of commercially available equipment and Viable Ventures is adding value in the early stages of the programme’s service life by reviewing:

  • Enterprise data systems.
  • Repair activity.
  • The equipment's reliability, availability, maintainability and durability.

By process mapping and data analysis we have helped to generate a clearer picture of actual conditions that exist in an exceptionally demanding programme. This is particularly challenging at the current stage – Introduction to Service – with all the associated change and ambiguity. But it is also a crucial stage, where future spend is determined based on the information available right now. Making that information more accurate and understandable is helping our client to make better investments for business success and we are proud that it is also contributing to an important Defence capability.  

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