A demonstration of the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and realtime data collection.

Like most of the work we carry out, we specialise in bespoke solutions and the internet of things is an area that is currently very much flavour of the month. Whether it's switching on a lightbulb, or vibration analysis of equipment, we can help provide you with a realtime monitoring and control solution.

We use state of the art, low power, Wi-Fi (or 3G) enabled devices that provide control and monitoring of a vast range of equipment and when combined with "what if" logic, they will notify you when things go wrong, or provide automatic intervention - and everything in between!

Below is a very simple example where we collect temperature and humidity data from a remote sensor. The data is collected every 60 seconds, but this can be tailored to your exact needs. As well as being embedded in a webpage, the data can be accessed through a bespoke smartphone/tablet app, either publicly or privately, both in graph form and displayed with analogue gauges and in realtime.



 An example of customised analogue gauges  


Nobody knows your business better than you and so we would not presume to offer solutions without your involvement. So to that end, here are two very simple examples of recent work to “whet the appetite” and perhaps get your mind thinking about where realtime monitoring and control could make your business leaner, more efficient or profitable.

The Alarm Upgrade.

The chances are you have an alarm system on your premises and even if it is only a few years old, it may not “contact” you when it triggers. We recently “upgraded” a business alarm system to include a host of new features, including event notifications via email and SMS. But not just when the alarm is triggered; when it is armed, or using the PIR detectors you probably already have installed, get a notification when staff arrive or leave your premises. What about if they leave without arming the alarm system? - you’d want to know that for sure!

So hopefully you can see that without the huge cost of starting again, we can probably breathe new life into your existing Alarm system and make it not only “smart”, but with enhanced functionality as well.

The Motorhome

The theft of motorhomes and caravans is a huge problem and if it’s yours that disappears in the night, “gutted” wouldn’t start to cover the emotions you’ll probably feel. We have developed a solution that can provide peace of mind for where your pride and joy spends most of its time - on the drive!

Using a Wi-Fi smart box, the interior can be comprehensively protected by passive infra red detectors. The instant somebody enters your vehicle you’ll receive a notification on your smart device and/or an alarm will be triggered inside your house The thief will not even be aware that you know what they’re up to! No WiFi coverage on the drive? we can help with fitting a Wi-Fi extender, or perhaps a GSM (mobile phone) type system.

The system doesn’t end there though, using the same technology, we can fit additional sensors that will monitor the temperature and humidity (like in the graphs above) and the state of any batteries fitted, all in realtime.

Let's Talk

Hopefully this has given you a flavour of what we can do and perhaps you have already thought of some areas where we can help your business embrace the "Internet of Things". If it has, then please do get in touch for a no obligation consultation.

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