Since 2009 VV has secured a number of Lean mentoring and consultancy contracts from HIE (through Development Partners Ltd on behalf of HIE. VV has received extremely positive feedback from the clients on VV's intervention on business strategy and tactical issues to date.Client contracts undertaken to date include:

Owen Sails ' 'Scotland's Premier Sailmaker' - employs 14 people and is situated in Argyll. VV advised them on the development of their strategic business model and how this linked to the current workflow and also to their communications strategy-driven plan to issue an ITT to upgrade their Information Systems. The project involved providing strategy and process-mapping training and facilitating workshops to help the principle stakeholders formulate their vision and methodology of taking the business forward.

Midton Acrylics are Europe's leading manufacturer of clear acrylics and they employ approx 30 people in the Argyll area. The owners wished to formulate an Exit Strategy and VV identified the need for a Succession Management Review.VV facilitated the Review which identified the links with training plans and their critical staff and resources; this was also linked to a communications review and a workflow analysis.

Rainnea Ltd, a micro-SME near Loch Ness, make high quality Scottish jewellery and accessories which they sell world-wide.VV provided them with one-to-one mentoring on Lean principles and supported them in formulating a company review of their costing model for defined processes.This enabled them to identify and eliminate waste and to match skill-levels to processes, thus improving the 'bottom line' for their growing sales.

These interventions are great examples on how VV could work for you and start helping your company realise its true potential. Contact us for more details.
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